Wednesday, June 19, 2019

Ranger needs a loving and secure home

The "loving" part we have down cold, life-long stray rescue magnets that we are. But, in the wake of our recent transcontinental move from the SF Bay Area to Baltimore (Homeland district), the "secure" part is untenable. He's smart, and has learned how to climb over the fence gates. I've already done a number of panic-stricken chases though the neighborhood. He loves to run. Loves to chase squirrels and cats and other dogs. He's now 90 lbs and strong as a horse. When I watch him run I think "he could run in The Preakness."

Our HOA restrictions forbid any higher fencing. All fences here have a max height of 42" (we would need about 54"). I suppose I could spend several grand to install an "invisible electronic fence" only to watch him blast right through it and over the fence at the sight of one of the local rabbits.
Ranger also once pried one of the vertical fence slats loose and slithered out from below at ground level after a bit of digging. We have about 320 ft of side/back yard fence perimeter. The opportunities are, well...
In January of 2018, our Baltimore-resident son Matt was staying at our house in northern California, opening a satellite facility in Sacramento for his Baltimore-based company. Driving home late one evening through Sacramento Delta back roads in the rain, he almost ran over this dog who was running loose down the road. No collar, no tags, no chip, a stinky mess.

Matt, of course, brought him home.

We tried for several months to locate an owner, to no avail. We had him fully worked up at the Vet where our other animals went (Antioch Veterinary Hospital). Estimated 4-5 yrs old now, "Chocolate Lab mix."

He's now been tagged, neutered, chipped, had his chronically infected ears vigorously treated, and put on anti-allergy Rx Hills food. We're in about $7k on him at this point.

I've posted all of his medical records here in PDF files. All shots current, including a 3-yr rabies certificate.

A great, friendly dog. Mr. Rub My Belly as I roll onto my back.

That's his 8 yr-old terrier mix pal Carlos. Also a rescue, from a Las Vegas shelter.

The thought of giving him up depresses me (and he knows a rescue sucker when he sees one), but we have to do right by him--which is why we took him in to begin with. I'm still recovering from last fall's open heart surgery (aortic valve), and I'm really not up for the recurrent neighborhood chases.

His ears have improved significantly since we moved. We still flush them every week and swab them clean, but he's now off the antibiotic ear meds. No other issues, beyond the fact that he's still a bit of a "digger." Mercifully, he's quit chewing stuff up.

We will sadly part with him to the right home. He needs more out-of-harm's-way running room, mainly. We will continue to "foster" him until we find an appropriate match.

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