Monday, February 11, 2008

The Radical Centrist's Psycho Sandbox

I started this blog as a sandbox for all things socio-economic-political, and/or philosophical/epistemological, in no particular order or consistent level of coherence. Just a place wherein to randomly rant about stuff I wouldn't post on my music blog. Some front-burner concerns of mine these days run to topics such as
  • Environmental issues (including that of the hotly debated global warming);
  • Heath care issues -- the gamut, from the clinical to those pertaining to the byzantine, incoherent payment structures under which Americans continue to chafe;
  • The economy. I saw this whole subprime swindle-mess coming back in 2004. Perhaps "This Too Shall Pass," but not without leaving megatonnage of misery in its wake (for most of us);
  • American constitutional law in a time of "terrorism." I have a long-standing interest in the whole "privacy" issue, particularly nowadays as it gets trampled in the putative pursuit of "terrorists," e.g., see here and here. Changing the focal issue in my grad thesis from "drug abuse" to "fighting terror" would not require much of a re-write, sadly. Aggressive, opportunistic, autocratic mindless mendacity still holds sway, so it would seem.
Significant domain overlap obtains in the foregoing as well, e.g., just as the environment can affect our health, so too does the current U.S. health care business model affect our economy and potentially our health, given the nexus between quality of care and ability to pay. And, is "drug abuse" predominantly a "legal" issue, or a "clinical" one (not to mention the economic aspects of the illicit -- and "licit" -- drug trades)?

There's a lot to think about (and worry about) if you give a flip about being a constructive, contributing member of humanity. So, from time to time I will vent a bit. Helps me flesh out how I really feel about things. Blogging seems to make that easier for me.

I stay confused a good bit. But, I'm in good company, I suppose; even the Dalai Lama admits to similar feelings.

Critical commentary welcome.


RBG said...

What critical commentary can follow lines like this:

"I stay confused a good bit. But, I'm in good company, I suppose..."?

Nice place ya got here.

BobbyG said...

Thank you, my friend.

Anonymous said...

BobbyG, I love the McSame and Mrs. Filler poster you left on my blog. You did that yes? Are you posting it?
It's priceless!